Lou's Sextet

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  • Swinging jazz, latin, blues
  • Skilled and experienced musicians and vocalists
  • A mellow or more lively performance, according to your needs
Lou's Sextet, despite the name, is, in full flight, an eight-piece band. As well as an expert rhythm section, we have two saxes, harmonica, congas, bongos, and of course, a high quality vocalist.

The full band can be mellow and cool as background, or more lively if required, with a wide and varied repertoire.
A smaller group can be provided if space is limited.

We like to dress up and 'put on a show', while still being in the background for a functon such as a reception.

Lou's Sextet has ten years' experience of playing in a range of settings and venues, such as weddings, festivals, pubs, parties, even in the street!

We have a twelve-track CD, a five-track promo CD, and there are clips of our music on the website.
Contact: Louise Dunn
01494 773596
Chesham, Buckinghamshire